Managed Public Cloud Services

All of our services on Infinyscloud are coming with managed support free of charge. Customers can focus more on their businesses, while we make sure that their IT infrastructure on Infinyscloud is always up and running.

Fast, Reliable and Affordable

Performance, security and stability are the main focus on our clouds infrastructure. CloudKilat provide those intensively with an affordable price while Infinyscloud add an extra managed support without additional charges.

Our Clouds, Instantly Yours

We design our clouds to perform in instantaneous manner. Starting from the account provisioning, during a heavy usage or when customers require more resources on their account. Everything is done instantly.

Extremely Great Service and Support

We truly believe that customers experience is key to success, therefore everything that we do is always putting customer needs and requirement as first priority, from service design to technical support.

Some of Our Awesome Customers

We thank for their trust and confidence on using our services.

We Deliver Cloud Services, Like No Other

Since inception, our first goal is always to deliver services that can change the perception of broad audience on how they see and use the latest Information Technology.

  • Best of Both
    Best of Both Worlds
    We use and provide latest technology from open source as well as propietary to deliver a rock solid cloud services that can benefit our customers on any of their businesses.
  • No Hidden
    No Hidden Charges
    We have a clear and transparent pricing structure on all of our cloud services. The price that agreed upon signing up is the price that customers need to pay every month. No surprise charge at the end.
  • Customer
    Customer Oriented Technical Support
    We treat all of customers questions with respect and attitude toward solving any technical problem that they have. We don’t have any stock nor script for silly and unproductive answers.

The Infinys Story

We started as first of the kind service provider and we intend to keep doing so for all of our future services. Our excellence wasn’t built overnight.

PT Infinys System Indonesia was founded. We launch the first Hosted Microsoft Exchange service in Indonesia with pay as you go scheme. It was a game changer on the industry.



To cope with the latest technology at that time, we extended our Hosted Microsoft Exchange to be able to send push messages to mobile devices and we branded the service as PUSH
We provided Windows cloud server as our IaaS offering. Later on the year, we offered Linux cloud server due to customers demand. We started to use Infinyscloud brand to consolidate our wide variety of services.



We care with the startups & SMEs movement in Indonesia, therefore we introduce CloudKilat as an affordable yet reliable cloud services toward startups & SMEs market segment.
After seven years of operations, we refreshed our corporate identity as well as shortening the corporate brand to reflect who we are now and the name that most of our customers know.


The Hard Working People, Behind Infinys Services

We are really passionate about our customers and our clouds. We work hard every day to make sure that our clouds can perform in fast, secure and reliable manner so customers can reap all of the benefit.

  • Dondy Bappedyanto


    Dondy Bappedyanto

    General Manager
    A Veteran in IT industry, Dondy is very obsessive and passionate about Hosting and Cloud technology. He has spoken in various local and international event about Cloud Computing.
  • Irvan Riccasanta


    Irvan Riccasanta

    Infrastructure Manager
    His background as Enterprise System Engineer makes Irvan very thorough on Infinys infrastructure. He always investigates and learns all the equipment inside out.
  • Ken Sasongko


    Ken Sasongko

    R&D Manager
    This section intentionally left blank. :)
  • Anjar Hardiena


    Anjar Hardiena

    Cloud System Engineer - Linux
    A well known figure in Linux Community, Anjar knows Linux like his back of his hand. He has been awarded and recognized by Indonesian Goverment for his ZenCafe Linux Distribution.
  • Andik Susilo


    Andik Susilo

    Cloud System Engineer - Windows
    Andik has several publications on Windows related technology and also an active speaker on various Microsoft community event. He has been awarded Microsoft MVP for five consecutive years.
  • Reski Safitri


    Reski Safitri

    General Admin Officer - Legal & HR
    Prior joining Infinys, Reski has hold several position in various company. She always makes sure that non technical operational need to be done as smooth as possible.
  • Hari Hartanto


    Hari Hartanto

    Account Manager
    A Seasoned IT sales person, Hari began his career by working in Internet Service Provider. He has a good understanding on how to optimize Cloud and Internet for the customer businesses.
  • Puji Febrianto


    Puji Febrianto

    Finance & Accounting Officer
    Puji is the youngest member in the team yet He raise the bar high by making all financial related matter are done in timely manner. Both for account payable and account receivable.
  • Bachtiar Rivai


    Bachtiar Rivai

    Interim Marketing & Channel Manager
    Bachtiar has a charm personality that can help him convey his ideas. He always makes all of Infinys partners happy and also keeping the Infinys brand is always out of the box.
  • Martina Suhandi


    Martina Suhandi

    General Admin Officer - Purchasing
    Martina is the one who makes sure that all request both from technical and business operations are delivered on time and on spec. She is also making sure that office logistic never run out.
  • Yuliastuti



    Customer Service Officer
    As one of the front liner for Infinys customers, Yuliastuti has an orientation of customer satisfaction. She has a sincere attitude to help customers problem.
  • Chandra Yusnita


    Chandra Yusnita

    Marketing Officer - Graphics
    Chandra has a sophisticated taste that make Infinys collateral, from business card to brochure, has an elegant yet beautiful design.
  • Sefrinaldi



    Software Engineer - Backend
    Active in several programming community, Aldi has multiple programming language proficiency in his arsenal. He loves to learn anything new regarding software development.
  • Wildan Zubaidi


    Wildan Zubaidi

    Cloud System Admin - Linux
    Wildan is very fanatic about command line console and Linux operating system. He is a true believer that customer's problem need to be solved quickly.
  • Anggun Putri W


    Anggun Putri

    Customer Service Officer
    Anggun loves to greet customers with a warm voice over the phone. She helps customers to sort any problem that they may have on using Infinys cloud services.
  • Ari Crystalian


    Ari Crystalian

    Account Executive
    As a person who responsible on carrying out customer's interest, Ari always gives recommendation to them on cloud packages that suit for their needs.
  • Lingga Octavia


    Lingga Octavia

    Billing Officer
    Lingga works very dilligently helping customer to have their billing right as well as being sent out to the right address. She also makes sure that customers payment are recorded on the system.
  • Andre Aliaman


    Andre Aliaman

    Cloud System Admin - Collaboration
    Customers who subscribe Infinys collaboration services will feel safe and secure with Andre. He is keeping that all accounts can send and receive any messages at any given time.
  • Gilang Pramudya


    Gilang Pramudya

    Software Engineer - Front End
    Gilang is in loves about anything that related to UI matter. He codes HTML and Javascript for all Infinys web application and making it run fast and perfect on any browser.
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